{☆Wish List☆}

Wish List

My dream is to own all of these one day!




Just give each picture a click to find out the name 😀


13 responses to “{☆Wish List☆}

  1. So many to collect!! I am in the process of collecting some of those too ^_^ but the list keeps growing! San-x and their never ending kawaii rilakkuma themes!!!

  2. Hi! I have the bluebird and the lucky day kiiroitori and the chocolate and coffee 2008 kiiroitori in stocks =) also have the picnic korilakkuma as well as candy kiiroitori. I have the 5th anniversary cakes pair but i’m reserving them for a customer at the moment =) you can reach me at x.japan90@gmail.com if you’re interested!=) all are authentic cos i’m a collector myself =D

      • Thanks! Some of them I have not posted up yet as I just decided to let them go from my collection (I have too many till I don’t have space to display these.haha) they are all brand new wrapped in plastic. I can email you pictures of those on my site if you want. Pls leave me your email and I will send them over thanks!

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