{☆Buying Guide☆}

Where to buy Rilakkuma???

These are tips I use/used when buying so its just my personal opinion ( ´ ▽ ` ).

-The Best Place: Rilakkuma Store

This is where I mostly buy mine. Sadly they’re all in Japan but if you’re in Japan check them out. A warning any New Release day the stores are packed so tight you can’t move so you end up looking a the same thing for 10 mins sometimes he he. The average plushie sells for ¥1,575 ¥1800 yen . Here are the stores so far:

Rilakkuma Store Umeda          Rilakkuma Store Tokyo Station                   Rilakkuma Store Fukuoka              Rilakkuma Store Kichijoji              Rilakkuma Store Sapporo        Rilakkuma Store Sky Tree                Rilakkuma Store Harajuku (Kiddyland)


When I was in the states I bought from Tamaya which is an authorized  san-x shop of the USA (they get shipments straight for san-x but a month behind). You don’t need to worry about fakes so long as you are buying from Tamaya.  Tamaya charges about $23 per plushie which given the current exchange rate of the dollar and yen  is almost the same as Japan’s (A little higher).

If your not in the CA area you can also order them at Tamaya’s Ebay or Amazon store.

I’ve also gotten some at Kinokuniya (CA) Kawaii Gifts (PA) Tokyo Japanese Life Style & Outlet (CA)

A few other Authentic Rilakkuma shops that sell all over the world can be found here

-Next is Yahoo Japan Auction

If your not fluent in Japanese have no fear all you really need to know are these words リラックマ(which is Rilakkuma)  ぬいぐるみ(plushie)  click here and its already done for you. I’m working on putting a list on here of Yahoo Auction Pages to check but if you have a series you want and don’t know the Japanese name send me a comment and I’ll help you!

poohlover_1217– sells Rilakkuma in lots, keep checking back!

Here are a few links to check on the auctions:

Rilakkuma Store Limited

Christmas Series

Halloween Series



Tokyo Station



Tokyo Skytree


For this site though you will need a Japanese credit/debit card and they don’t ship internationally.

You can also use courier companies in Japan or in your own country that will help you bid on these sites and ship to you. But be careful , really do your research and read lots of reviews(compare prices too). Tenso works well with San-X.

San-X Net Shop

This site is really good to use, you don’t need a Japanese card, though they don’t ship internationally. I really like the san-x net shop because you can get the items right when they come out. But the down fall is things sell out super fast!

Mira Plush

Lots of people have been recommending this site to add on here! It’s looks pretty good, and prices are pretty decent since she’ll ship almost anywhere I say this is a great place to check out! She has a good collection of old and new.


This is where is gets a little scary, there are so many fakes on ebay. So really look at the pictures and tags. But I’ve found a  seller that works hard to bring you real Rilakkuma plushies and also might help you find a specific plushie!

xxmiraixx– she has a wide variety and only sells real plushies. Pro: she always has rare one’s and sell other San-X stuff. Con: She is kind of pricey but you have to weigh how much you want the plushie vs how much it costs. Yahoo Japan Auctions usually sell stuff cheaper but if you have to get a courier service you’ll have to pay fees and it might just be easier/cheaper to pay a little extra on ebay.

harukata– has a good amount of kumas. Pro: Takes pre-orders for rare ones. Con: A bit pricey and shipping is really expensive. But if he has a rare one it might be worth it. (Tip by Keojitmal, thanks)

If you know other sellers tell me and I’ll add them to the list. _〆(・∀・@)

Richelle’s e-store– I’ve bought a plush from her store and it was perfect, keep an eye out for more from her kawaii shop. Canadian seller.


Is the largest online shopping mall in Japan. It also has English which helps but not to many Rilakkuma plushies. ( ̄~ ̄;)

Have a tip? Lets add it to the list.

How to Spot the Fake Rilakkuma??

Like every other Brand name there are knock offs of the kumas too…..now there’s nothing wrong with those so long as you know that’s what your getting. But when people claim that’s a real one you need to make sure you know how to tell if its real or not.

So your looking for the REAL brand name Kumas eh? Well I’m here to help you the best I can.

Here’s a few tips: Rilakkuma Plushies 22cm

First thing to do is look at the Plush. Does it look like something might be off? I’ve always preferred to play it safe if it looks off I won’t buy it (better safe then sorry). San-x works extremely hard putting so much detail into ever plushie, so they wouldn’t make them look wonky.

Not sure what real ones look like? Check out these official sites to get a feel for the real ones.

San-X archives    San-x Net shop archives          Rilakkumas Blog   Rilakkuma Store Blog   Tamaya FB

Second: So it’s passed the looks test…looks real but still not sure? Look at the TAG and its LOCATION. This is almost full proof as so many fakes have the tags in weird places. Tags are never found on the ears, arms, or directly attached to any other body part. The tag is always tied with a plastic fastener on the Rilakkuma label by the leg (not directly on the leg). San-x does this specifically so when you take the tag off you won’t put a hole in the kumas. Classy~

Tag Art/ Pictures should always match there series. Tags should always have a bar code on them, always have the prices in yen listed on the front and the back of the tag should be in Japanese. Usually tags are square on the 22cm but come in a few other cute shapes (not circle).

Fur is very soft looking too!

Fun Fact- All real Rilakkuma plushies have zippers and all Korilakkuma plushies have one red button on the front of her! The Zippers that open up on the back are lined with blue polka-dot fabric on the inside. UFO Catcher one’s usually don’t open but the Small 22cm ones mostly do.

IMPORTANT: The new horoscope plushies still have the labels but the tags are attached to the Zipper. Or a few other places. This is one of the times you’ll need to look for the specifics on the tag. Art/Bar code/Japanese price in Yen/ The Back in Japanese. This still will not put holes in your plushies. (*・∀・)/♡


Real Tag from my collectionIMG_1584

Notice the fastener attached to the label which is attached to the side of the leg. Bar code/Japanese price/San-x/Art matches series.

img_1583 copy

It should look like this all the pink rilakkuma labels have the tags attached to them by fasteners. Kiichan doesn’t have legs so the label is always on his LEFT side.

Now a typical search on ebay for: Rilakkuma Plush. 4 out of 5 times you’ll come up with all fakes on first page (*゜Д゜*)


m4rasxJpEVDbtEyUCnX17Jg mD4IohU434onTGzEbrqN0Zw mOABs1OUKB2CrWKUnWqXL8Q mWGbO9K6XtYrfdHw39ApqCg

Fake, Fake, Fake…Why? They all look wonky(bad or shaped weird)/weird fur/tags are on the ears. Also the more you look at the real ones you’ll notice the clothes are wrong and not released that way. Remember San-X doesn’t take short cuts so plushies should be symmetrical.

img_1545 copy

These are both real~

See the difference?

UFO Catcher Plush~

I find the UFO Catcher one’s a little more challenging. FansClub is the main (maybe the only) company to release the UFO Catcher Plush with san-x’s permission. They come in all sizes so don’t be discouraged by that. Head on over to their site where you can check the archives. It’ll come in handy when you find one you want.

The same tricks can be applied to tell but the tag is a bit different. Tags are always fastened to the label on the side of the leg which say Rilakkuma in Japanese and San-x. They are shaped in a circle, don’t have a bar code/list Rilakkuma in Japanese and have only Japanese on the front. The art on the tags are usually just plain (no one’s dressed up). The best way to be 100% sure is look at the back of the tag which should be all in Japanese, have a San-x logo/Fansclub website. If you find a seller ask them if they’ll take a picture of the back of the tag and show you. If they won’t better to not take the chance.


This is what the real one’s look like on the back.

12 16 1

All real, straight from FANSCLUB. But no tags are show. Still you know whatever they released and what they haven’t.

Is this real?


Never saw this release on the site/tag is attached to the hand….also can’t see back of the tag. Pretty tricky huh!? So for this one I’d say not real.

I hope this leaves you more informed and just remember to be careful!

Any questions or helpful tips I gladly welcome.

No one should ever be scammed again! Also check out Faith & Mary’s blogs, they are real rilakkuma hunters too and have great guides on the subjects!

Good luck everyone!!


63 responses to “{☆Buying Guide☆}

  1. I would love to suggest harukata on ebay. This seller always provide awesome packaging and he even give you the original san-x plastic bag – which will makes you buy the item at the store by yourself 🙂 The price are kinda OK but the bad thing is the shipping fee is very pricey as he only offer EMS as the shipment. Overall, he is a very great seller!

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    • Yes I am 😀 I’m able to bid and buy stuff but it won’t be sent to you until I’m in Japan he he which there’s still about 28 days left~ You can email me if you find anything you want to bid or buy 🙂

  3. Hello! If I use your service for buying at the real Rilakkuma Store, will you charge any travel fees? If you do, may I know how much is it?
    Cause as far as I know you gonna live in Chiba right? And it’s quite far to get there 🙂

    Please reply this comment as I don’t check my email so often.


    • Hello, no that won’t be the case since I’ll be heading there anyway for all the new releases and it’s really a short trip (less than 20 mins). I’ll make an official announcement before I leave but there are no additional fees just $4 for the first item you request then $2 per additional item per order 😀

      • That sounds great! Will there be any limitation slot for all rilakkuma wonderland releases? Cause they’re limited right and as far I know only one person can afford the plush 😦
        And also, which converter do you prefer to use for JPY to USD?

      • Ah yes, with the Rilakkuma stores sometimes they have 1 per person but I have a good feeling I’ll be able to help you. I don’t ask for payment until I’m ready to ship to you~Just in case I can’t get them but then we could always try yahoo auctions. As of now it doesn’t look like anything in the Rilakkuma Wonderland series is limited surprisingly but the Harajuku anni is only one 😦

        I prefer JPY since we’ll be using that and when we’re ready to ship you can pay through paypal since it’s safe and easy 🙂

        What would you be interested in getting?

      • So does it mean that you only charge 400 yen per single order and 200 yen for additional ones? Correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

        Plus, I most likely will getting Rilakkuma wonderland special play set and Rilakkuma wonderland which riding a horses 🙂

      • Hmm well I’ll go into in full detail in a post but so you’d want to get the play sets (All 3 would count as one item) so I’d charge a $4/400yen fee then you’d want the horse plushies (All 3 would count as 3) so then it’d be another $2/200yen per item $6 for all 3 so if that’s all you got this time and you want me to send it then the fee would be $10 in total 😀

        Next time you ordered it’d restart the fee at $4/400yen

        This would be just my fee so it wouldn’t include how much the items cost or shipping

        I’ll make a post soon! I hope it’s not confusing 😀

      • Sorry I thought you were going to use USD as a payment that’s why I ask it in advance because actually I prefer to use JPY as a payment lol
        Your fee is ridiculously reasonable, I’m totally gonna use yours. Other service charge $20 (min. fee) for in-store shopping service which exclude travel expenses (the ridiculous thing is they live in Tokyo ugh)
        May God bless you and your family 🙂


      • Haha that’s very kind of you to say, yeah I’m just doing this to help people more than to make money. I always wished someone had done this so I decided to do it myself.

        Stay tuned for my post in two days!! 😀

  4. Hi,
    I was recommended by another blogger to your page. I was wondering if you can help me bid on these 3 auctions:

    Also, do you help with the limited edition sets? I was hoping to ask you for help in getting the Rilakkuma Wonderland plush set that will release on July 13th. It is great that you are doing such a great thing to help the fans of San X Rilakkuma get items that cannot be bought outside of Japan. That is so sweet of you!! Please keep up he good work! My email is Chingsui2002@yahoo.com Thanks a lot!!

    • Yeah the rare ones get expensive. I can help you for sure get those ill email you soon. Sorry for the late reply we’re still getting settled>.<

  5. Actually, I don’t want to get them anymore since I just did a conversion from the Japanese to American dollars and did not realize how expensive it was. No wonder none of them had bids. Thanks anyways! I just need help in getting the Rilakkuma Wonderland floats set that will be released in July. Thanks a lot!

  6. Hello,! I was wondering if you are still offering your bidding service? If so, would you mind telling me how it works? (Fees, shipping, etc.)

      • For those your best bet is to check yahoo japan auctions and search” リラックマ ぬいぐるみ” which is rilakkuma plush. Then just kind of check daily or when ever you can. If you find one you like then I suggest using the bidding and buying company Tenso!! Let me know how it goes and if I come across the Bed time ones I’ll send you the link 😀

      • The shipping cost is usually 300-500 yen but the sellers don’t tell you until the end >.< when you win. Those look like UFO catcher versions, the Bed Time Series has 6 standard releases…I have 3 in my wish list if you would like to see how they look https://rilakkumadesu.wordpress.com/wish-list-%E2%9D%A4/#jp-carousel-471

        As for that auction, they're cute but they're the UFO Catcher one's so you should get them if that's what you looking for but don't if your looking for the official san-x one's 😀 I have a few UFO catchers one's they're a great addition to the collection just make sure never to pay to much for them 😉

        Good luck and let me know if you have more questions 😀

      • Well I would say never go over $10 each or if they’re really cute and on your wishlist don’t pay more than $15…..most people sell them for 500yen each or less. Like the second link is 700 for both it’s a nice deal. So it looks like no one is selling the bedtime one’s right now~ But don’t worry I usually check daily so if I see them I’ll let you know, they’re on my wishlist but they’re not high priority so I’m not looking to get them for myself just yet. I’ll send you a link when I find them but they can get expensive sometimes!

    • I’m sorry to say I think all of those are fakes 😦 The Rilakkuma isn’t from a UFO series either…their faces are all a bit off and Ko’s tag isn’t how it should be. That being said they could still be official San-x plushies but made specifically for china or korea but they aren’t made for Japan. And at those prices you paid that’s a bit too much even if they were real. Sorry about that~

      • That is so sad. 😦 There is a ‘green camel’ site in Japan and it has Rilakkuma on the list. Whether that means anything I don’t know.I have read about Green Camel but I don’t really know about it. The Korilakkuma has actually no Green Camel mention on the tag… so I don’t know if that is actually from Japan or not sine they all say ‘made in China’

        I actually got a deal for the Kiiroitori and Korilakkuma for both at $50… thank God.. since the place isn’t doing well

      • Hmm well Rilakkuma Lifestyles and I talked it over and your Ko might be a UFO catcher http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k166996264

        It’s weird that seller didn’t keep on the tags I’ll check that Green site out. Be careful when buying Kumas make sure it always has a tag so you can prove its authenticity. But your plushies are still cute! I’ve got a fake one which I really like since it was my first and I bought it from a anime convention >.<

  7. Hi! I really want to buy a taurus horoscope plushie, but I’m in the U.S. and don’t speak Japanese. Could you help me? 😀 I’m not sure if this would be a better idea to try to navigate http://page8.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h187204737 and try to figure out how to use Tenso (and I think it says something in the description box about wrinkles or something..?) or if I should go with this one that’s more expensive http://houseofplushies.myxiaobazaar.com/rilakkuma-10th-anniversary-horoscope-series-taurus I’m having a lot of trouble finding the taurus plushie, so these are the only two I could find. I hope they’re both real!! >.<

    • Hi Annie! Well they’re both real so its really up to how much you want to spend. Yahoo Japan and Tenso might be the cheaper option but the Taurus plushie already has a bid so the price might go up. Mastering Tenso can be tricky but they have an English site and Rilakkuma Lifestyles has made a wonderful guide to help http://rilakkumalifestyle.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/how-to-order-internationally-from-the-san-x-net-shop/

      I was checking everywhere but Taurus is really popular and sold out. You could also wait for a better offer to come around but sometimes it’s hard to wait I know XD. Let me know what you decide to do but I’ll keep an eye out for more Taurus plushies~Best wishes on your hunt!

      • Hi! I ended up buying the Yahoo Japan one for 2110 yen (which I hope will end up being cheaper~ xD) but I think now I just wait for the seller to email me? Thank you for the guide! and for helping me look around! 😀 (waiting is too hard >.<)

  8. I ended up using Tenso, so does this mean I have to communicte with the seller myself? hahaha I’d have to use google translate xD

    • Sorry for all the questions! but do I just pay with Yahoo simple settlement and then give the seller my name and Tenso address? Is that all I do? xD

    • Hey Annie, Hmm I thought Tenso took care of bidding and dealing with the seller. Did you make your own account? You can email me here arielinkawaiiland@gmail.com and I’ll try to figure out what you need to do! Have you asked/emailed Tenso or have they told you what to do at all?

  9. hi i just bought a taurus rilakkuma plushie,but im nt sure if its real or fake?
    the black color on the legs look kinda more to greyish black than dark black and when i opened the zipper to check,the cloth inside is brown instead of polka dots ):
    other than that,the tag itself is real (yen price/jap words) but its attached by a fasterner on the legs.
    wld u be able to help?? thanks 🙂

    • Oh no, sadly that does sounds fake because two big reasons! One because the inside of the zipper pouch is always blue polka dots (never brown) and also because the official tag placement for the Taurus one is on the zipper 😦 I should probably add that people making fakes can be crafty and use yen prices to fool others. If you can share a picture I’d be able to know for sure. Otherwise please check my pictures of the Taurus one here https://rilakkumadesu.wordpress.com/2013/02/17/february-haul/

      I hope this could help, sorry about that but I’m sure he’s still cute. Nothing wrong with fakes until they trick you into thinking it’s official or real :/

      • ahhh i guess i bought the fake one then T.T
        i just saw your tag says “taurus” in japanese but mines is in chinese >__<
        does ALL authentic rilakkumas has the blue polka dots cloth in it? the fake ones wont have it?

      • I’m sorry about that, but yes always the inside is blue polka dots because that’s his trade mark. Some zippers aren’t real so you can’t open them but most of the time the zipper is real. This is more for older series~I hope you can find a Taurus one soon!

  10. Hey I’m currently selling some of my rilakkuma plashes on easy 🙂 Im from Japan and i bought all of this in the Rillakkuma store in tokyo from shibuya. If you would like i do custom purchases from japan and i can ship them to you for reasonable prices 🙂 Please check it out if you would like to contact me please go to my blog to find my email thank you 🙂 Also, if you follow me on my blog i can get you a 10% on your order (custom order) Thank You 🙂


  11. This is currently my two koris that I recently bought.
    Got these girls today!
    Are they authentic? Is there a series that have that kori with pink scarf and mittens? I really want to know. I’m a newbie to Rilakkuma…

    • Hello there, I would need to see the tags to be 100% sure but they both look kind of off so I don’t think they’re official Japanese versions. There is a fansclub one wearing a pink scarf I believe and a fuzzy mini one. I’ll try to find some pictures for you so you can see the difference~ But that being said they’re still cute and as long as you didn’t pay the authentic prices there isn’t any harm done. May I ask where you got them?

  12. Hello! I love your blog and I use it to keep on top of all the Rilakkuma news 🙂 I have been trying to find the Tower Records Koiritorii from like a year ago, the one with the green mohawk, for my friend. Any suggestions of where to look? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  13. Hi, i’m really in need of the Rilakkuma Sky Tree memopad (the white one). Do you have it or know where I can get it? I’m in US. I don’t really need the entire memo pad. I’ll be happy with the sheets only.

    • As far as I can tell I haven’t seen them as an official Japanese release but still doesn’t mean you can’t get them ^^ They’re very expensive for non Japanese releases though so if you come across a cheaper one it would be better!

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