My Collection:

Big Plushies

Lawson Releases

Fansclub Plushies


8 responses to “{☆Collection☆}

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  4. OMG!!! How could u do all this?! It mustn’t be easy to collect all of them. They’re super duper cuteeeeeeeeee! I can’t afford to have them but just seeing them here makes my heart melt and fulfill my kuma heart at the same time >w< (where have I been, just found yr blog this late haha) Thx sooo much for creating this blog, you're the kuma angel ❤ Pls keep on updating their cuteness :))

    • Thank you very much for such sweet words {=^^=}. I’m glad you like it and I have a few updates coming soon! Thank you for finding my blog~Don’t worry someday you’ll have a collection, it takes time and patience to save up hehe it gets easier over time! Best wishes on your Kuma journeys!

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