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Hello my name’s Ariel, I run this blog you’ve found! I’m an avid Rilakkuma collector, I usually collect complete sets (with Korilakkuma and Kii) otherwise I feel they’d be sad. I really love all three and couldn’t possibly choose between them. My favorite series are the HNT Deer Series, the hard to get Sapporo 1st Anniversary and my lovely Kichijoji 2nd Anniversary. I’m from America but I now live in Japan with my husband. I explore Japan and all it’s kawaiiness daily, you can follow me on my adventures if you’re interested. Otherwise just stay and chat about Rilakkuma with me!

Tips for beginners

I was once a beginner and so were the other Kuma Community members so don’t feel you need to be where everyone else is. Always remember it’s a fun thing to do and should never make you sad. You don’t need to be rich to collect them! Depending on what your dream Kumas are you might have to set aside a little each month. Just play it safe if you’re not sure if they’re real or not you can always ask.

Waiting for a price to go down is also good to do. Some Rilakkuma plushies don’t go down in price (mostly really older one’s from 2007 down) but most do! Many newbies learned this from the Yamanote Line release, they were super popular and sold out so fast. Some people paid $50 for one plushie when they were only $19 originally, then San-X got a new shipment and they’re so many just sitting in the stores waiting to be taken home!! For tips on buying check out my buying guide!

I encourage anyone who loves Rilakkuma to start a blog, it’s a really fun way to make friends and learn tips. We in the Kuma community help each other out a lot!

Here are some sites you can check out

Rilakkuma’s official blog

The Rilakkuma Store’s blog

San-X Net shop

Fansclub (they release official Kumas that are only for UFO Catchers)

San-X English FB (they don’t update as much as the Japanese blogs though)

Tamaya FB(if you are in the states)


Rilakkuma or リラックマ is a Lazy and Relaxed bear with a zipper on his back that opens to a polka dotted pocket. His name is a combination of Relax and the Japanese word for bear Kuma. He loves Dango and Pancakes.ch_korila

Korilakkuma or コリラックマ is a smaller version of Rilakkuma. Ko means Small in Japanese, Korilakkuma isn’t lazy like Rilakkuma though. She’s mischievous and doesn’t speak much. She also doesn’t have a zipper on her back but she does have a Red button on her front. She loves Strawberries and her Penguin plushie.ch_kiiro

Then there’s Kiiroitori or キイロイトリ his name means Yellow Bird, he’s a chick. His job is to clean up after the kumas but he’s also their best friend. He loves Money and to clean up.

Credits: I use pictures from San-X, I’ll either put a link when you click the picture or a link below if the photos aren’t mine!!


37 responses to “{☆About☆}

  1. On a whim at seeing your cute avatar, I found my way over here to your blog. If there is one thing that drives me crazy with cuteness, it is Rilakkuma. Looking forward to following you!

  2. I would love to be able to speak, read and write Japanese. You’re lucky that you can ask your husband ^.^ I use a site to learn. I have to write in Japanese and then a native speaker will correct it for me. Some Japanese people will send messages or ask to talk on Skype too.

      • Yay. I’d love help ^.^ I know, I can’t wait for Christmas. My nephew is so excited for Santa so it’s gonna be so fun this year when he see’s everything and tells me all about what he got (he’s 3) Ooo, if you make them lemme know how it goes =]

  3. Ariel san、はじめまして♡今日からよろしくお願いしますね。

    An entirely Rilakkuma blog, how nice!!

    ps, I’m really jelly over ur entire collection of Rilakkuma (≥A≤)

  4. 2 words for this lovely blog of yours : super sweet ^ – ^ which is full filled with Rilakkuma ,I used to fall in a very deep love with Hello Kitty before, having something to chase , to love , to feel it as a passion is so great !

  5. Hi there! I’ve been stalking your blog since you visited mine ^^ I share your love of Rilakkuma~ so kawaii 😉 I see your husband is from Chiba? Do you currently live there? I stayed there with some friends for a few weeks ^^ It’s quite lovely. Anyway, nice to meet you!

    • Nice to meet you as well (*≧▽≦). We currently live in L.A but are in the process of relocating to Japan. I really love Chiba, my husbands parents still live there so we go to visit them. I really love your blog, are you living in Japan?

      • Ooooh~ L.A. is awesome 😀 I’ve been there twice and I love it ♥ I see so moving to Japan will be very important to you and your husband (*^▽^*) Thank you! Actually, I’m in Canada right now but I will be moving to Japan this coming July. I went there last summer as an exchange student and fell in love with the country. This year I’m returning as an English teacher (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  6. What a lovely blog :). I’m so impressed at how much Japanese you’ve learnt. I did it at GCSE at school and whilst I did manage to get an A I’m not sure I could do it even then and I certainly can’t speak any now! My favourite was always the writing anyway :).

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. It means a lot to me. I also come visit your blog too. Have a safe trip to Japan.

  8. I never knew what this character was called until I finally made it to Japan last month haha… Now I most definitely know!

    Hope your move to Japan goes well. 🙂

  9. Hi how do I email you with regards to purchase Kilakkumas? An email address would be appreciated, thanks! 🙂

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