It’s been a while~

Last time I had hopes to post more regularly but I’m pretty active on my Rilakkuma Desu Tumblr since it’s easier to take on the go. I reblog other people’s collections and news so it’s a community tumblr in a sort.  Still I’m sorry for not blogging as much…

I’m still collecting Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma but I’ve had to cut Kii out for some because the prices just keep climbing. Also let’s face it those darn Tsum Tsums have taken over and sometimes I use my budget for those instead. XD

tumblr_nqg7wnKHmV1tlhumzo1_500 tumblr_nqg7wnKHmV1tlhumzo2_500 tumblr_nqg7wnKHmV1tlhumzo3_500 tumblr_nqg7wnKHmV1tlhumzo5_250 tumblr_nqg7wnKHmV1tlhumzo6_500tumblr_npw58ohS5F1tlhumzo1_500  tumblr_npw58ohS5F1tlhumzo2_500

I did find the Summer Vacation series raffle in my Ito Yokado and won two boards (one’s my sister’s though since I traded her for the cup) and one cup. I really like the cups for this raffle, nice and big!! Still debating on getting the summer vacation series kumas.

tumblr_npw51vKwgs1tlhumzo1_500 tumblr_npw51vKwgs1tlhumzo2_500 tumblr_npw51vKwgs1tlhumzo3_500 tumblr_npw57vxcab1tlhumzo1_500

This series is why I’m debating the Summer ones because I love the look of the Sky Tree series, they’re still around the Rilakkuma Store in Kiddyland Harajuku when I last checked (a month ago). They’re limited edition and adorable.


Hehe here’s a look at the nanoblocks for the Hot Springs series too!

tumblr_nq6ensfOcr1tlhumzo1_500 tumblr_nq6ensfOcr1tlhumzo2_500

I also tried the very delicious Rilakkuma honey pudding, I found mine in Y’s Mart in Japan.

Now onto some exciting news for Rilakkuma~

tumblr_nqjm98mScJ1twe2yno1_500 tumblr_nqjm98mScJ1twe2yno2_500 tumblr_nqkdfpsHs61tlhumzo1_500

Tower Records and Rilakkuma are back again this year with yet another collab and this time it’s a punk rock band! But this year is very tricky and looks like you’ll need to win a lottery in order to purchase them (seems sneaky on their part). I might try to get just Rilakkuma this year. But luckily the Rilakkuma cafe is back in action starting July 22nd, in a few Tower Records around Shibuya, right now there is no end date for the cafe! Check out the rest of the goods here. That’s all the updates for today until the panda series, Oh and I’ll be working on Rilakkuma Desu so back posts might disappear but I’ll try to put them on Tumblr. Can’t wait for the panda series!!! Thanks so much for reading~


P.S How’s the new look for Rilakkuma Desu?


5 responses to “It’s been a while~

  1. Oooh your raffle prizes are so cute!! I hope they’ll have some cute raffle prizes for the Panda series too 😀

    I feel guilty about not updating as much as I used to as well, but at the very least I have IG – it’s just so much easier on the go, because writing up posts and uploading photos for the blog really takes time!!

    PS Love the new layout!

    • Thank you so much hehe oh I’m hoping they’ll have a raffle but since the summer one is still kind of happening I wonder if they’ll have one 0.o *fingers crossed* but they have cute blind boxes.

  2. Hey! I was at the Skytree around June 20th and they still had them! they also had them at Kiddyland Harajuku as well, I think we were there around June 25th. hope that helps! 🙂

  3. Don’t worry about not blogging much, it should be a fun experience and not a chore. I really like the design on the Sky Tree pouches, so colourful and happy but I already have so many pouches so I need to stop T_T

    That’s such an expensive way for people to get the Tower Records plush! But I guess for those who actually get them and really want them it’s almost like a dream come true!

    I really like the new design of your blog, the panda series is so cute!

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