The Cat Series

Well it’s already more than half way into October but my schedule has become much busier than I expected. My sister is here and she and I have been doing everything together, it’s been great. I got the cat series (thanks to Abi, because I got the American version of all the colds). The cat series was released the beginning of this month on a Wednesday surprisingly! I love this series and think you will as well if you don’t already.

IMG_5180Rilakkuma is also my favorite out of this series. They’re about standard size just a tiny bit smaller but they make up with that in softness. They have a great look~





IMG_5187Rilakkuma has a bell on him that makes a sound my cats are really drawn to.  I love all the little details like the paws and ribbons. These costumes don’t come off though and I couldn’t feel a zipper. The tag is just amazing as well.




IMG_5198Kii reminds me of an owl for some reason but he’s soft and perfect. He also is the best at standing up for this series so he displays a bit better.



IMG_5202Korilakkuma might be the most fluffy from this series but shes the hardest to stand. Her whiskers are a great touch!



IMG_5206I also couldn’t resist getting the big or M sized version of Rilakkuma. He’s got a fake zipper on his bag and his tag is also different. He’s so perfect and I love hugging him!!IMG_5213Abi also gave me her extras for the blind boxes! I was so excited, you’re so kind and thank you so much!IMG_5221 I tried to do the raffle at Lawson but it was sold out within minutes at the one by me. That’s never happened before so I was shocked but luckly they had another campaign and I got this cute placemat!

 In other news have you guys seen the Loft Cat Series and the Christmas series?

xmasnuigurumi1017 MP99001_1017

They’re very cute! I had to pass on the calender pre-order but I’m still thinking about getting the Christmas Tree play set. It’s adorable but 10,000円 is expensive. I will for sure get the standard ones and they’re 1,800円 which is a little more expensive but the price has been jumping around recently.

Well there has certainly been lots of news lately but I’m hoping I’ll be 100% soon so that I can keep up. I still keep tumblr updated so you can always check there! Thanks for reading and for all the support!!

~ta ta for now~


12 responses to “The Cat Series

  1. Get Well Soon Ariel!! Hope that you are having loads of fun with your sister too! The cat series is really cute! Thank you so much for sharing!! Love the Christmas tree too but I may have to skip that as it is too expensive.😢

      • I am planning to get the standard and the store limited editions for the cat series. I think the medium sized Rilakkuma is really cute but due to space constraint, I may have to skip that. 😢 I managed to get the Loft set though and it should be arriving today so am pretty excited!! Do take care!!😊

  2. Glad to hear you’re having a lot of fun with your sister, even though I miss reading your blog posts! The cat series is super adorable and Kii is my favourite! I can’t wait to receive mine.

    The M Cat Rila is the perfect size to cuddle with, almost like a real cat!

    I really like the little Snowman Kii is holding, it’s too bad they don’t make a plush of just the Snowman though since I’m not crazy about the rest of the line.

    Get well soon Ariel! I hope you’ll make a quick recovery.

    • It’s been a while since I last posted or checked the blogging world XO I need to get back into my routine. I knew you’d get the Kii he’s just like the happy natural time series Kii. Thank you!! Oh and I sent you an email sorry for the lateness.

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