.::News::. Lawson Cat Series Raffle & Halloween Series!

Untitled-1 copyLawson is doing a raffle and not just any raffle but one of the cutest I’ve seen yet, how exciting! The raffle will begin September 27th and will cost 620円 per ticket. As usual there will only be a certain number of each prize per store and not all stores have the raffle but chances are there’s a participating store close to you if you’re in Japan! I hope Lawson will also sell Taiyaki too!


The prize I think is the coolest is the Waffle or Taiyaki maker. It’s small but absolutely adorable and comes with two shapes (a kuma and taiyaki fish) to make your waffles into. The chances of winning this one are slim but wouldn’t it be cool to have this?!rirakkumaneko_02_02

Prize A is a bigger cat version of Rilakkuma.rirakkumaneko_03_01

Prize B is a hoddie blanket to keep you warm for the up coming winter. That print is so cute!rirakkumaneko_04_02

Prize C is a trio of tiny plushies and I’m going to say I like Ko’s face the best, it’s so funny!


What’s a raffle without cups and I wouldn’t mind winning these, but they’re not last prize so we’ll see 😉rirakkumaneko_07_01 rirakkumaneko_08_02 rirakkumaneko_09_03

And of course some lovely hand towels, bath flakes and key chains! Really everything looks amazing and I’m eager to try this. My sister will be here in a few weeks to study so I’m looking forward to our whole family trying it out XD

11Have you seen these new Fansclub plushies that come in a box?! I’m hoping to see these around soon! What do you guys think? I also am in love with the Halloween ones but I need to win one hehe!

IMG_8800 copy

I also got this years Halloween series and they surprised me because I feel they’re much cuter in person than expected. The official name for this year’s is Halloween Party. They have so many hidden details so I was staring at them for quite a while. I like their outfits so much and I’m so pleased with them! I highly recommend them~






IMG_8821 copy


No matter how many times I look at Rilakkuma I keep thinking he’s a vampire at a ball. He’s got that feel but when I found his hidden kuma button I got really excited XD Drakuma~ He won my favor for this series.IMG_8828





When I saw Ko’s devil tail I felt both kumas have alter egos or at the very least aren’t all what they appear to be at first glance.

IMG_8804 copy

IMG_8807 copy



Kii has a very spooky looking cape and I like the decorations he has. He looks the most in costume and while the kumas might have something up their sleeves it appears Kii is ready for the masquerade!

IMG_8838I also went to my towns Caravan event but I didn’t take pictures. Silly of me I know but I brought back a new friend~Thanks for reading and chatting with me. I have started a new Tumblr for  just Rilakkuma that’s updated daily if this blog just isn’t cutting it and if you’re wondering what’s new with me in Japan or just like looking at cute stuff check out my personal Tumblr (my AIK wordpress has reached its picture limit so I’m wondering whats the best way to continue)! Feel free to keep asking me questions on those or on here and I’ll do my best to get back to you guys in a timely manner.

~ta ta for now~


13 responses to “.::News::. Lawson Cat Series Raffle & Halloween Series!

  1. They amazing prizes for the Cat Series raffle! I can’t believe they’re giving out a waffle/taiyaki maker! Oh man, I wish I was in Japan so I could participate in this. I really like the keychains, they’re so cute!

    I didn’t notice that Rila and Korila each had a jewel clasp on their outfits nor that Korila has a little devil tail sticking out of her costume (plus her regular bear tail).

  2. The waffle/taiyaki maker is amazing!! I’ve always wanted to try making taiyaki 🙂

    Your new plushies look super great!! The Halloween set have so many more cool details up close – thanks for sharing your photos! I love the Space Caravan plushie too – that whole series was really well done IMO! Congrats on a great haul!! 😀

  3. Wow, the raffles prizes are adorable! Best of luck in winning one!

    The Halloween plushies look absolutely gorgeous. I love the details for this one! It’s a lot different than their usual Halloween designs. I’m still deciding whether or not I should get one, but they’re so pretty.

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