Bohemian Series And More!

 There they are my 2nd most sought after series since I’ve started collecting! It was a great deal as I’ve always seen these for $100 or so each.

IMG_8524 IMG_8527 IMG_8525

The ponchos are so cute and I love the fabric. I wish they made life size ones for me~

IMG_8529 IMG_8534


The tags remind me of cross stitching, I would love to make one like that but I’m just a beginner XD Tiny boots are so cute and a bit like the Happy Natural Time.

IMG_8545 IMG_8558


I also got another addition to the bedtime series. The tags are so much fun on this series and I love the colors. I got doubles of Rilakkuma but we’ll talk about that at the end of this post 😉



IMG_8584This guy was a surprise because I didn’t see the tag but he’s a collaboration with Sweet And Natural Life in 2009. Also his inside is yellow :0 I thought about selling him but he’s such a cutie! One of my readers is now giving him a good home! Happy Birthday N~



Thanks so much for reading and wow that was such a fun haul! Until next time!

~ta ta for now~


10 responses to “Bohemian Series And More!

  1. Congratulations!! You have finally gotten your really cute Bohemian Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma!! I especially think that their boots are really cool.😄

  2. Hi Ariel, I just sent you a question via Gmail. Congrats on your haul and I’m glad you finally got your Bohemian plush too! 🙂

  3. Super adorable! I’m glad you got one of your most sought after series. I love the way their ponchos are made, it’s so colorful and detailed.

  4. OOOOH what a cool haul!! Congrats on getting the Bohemian Series, they’re absolutely adorable together!! I want to get the Rilakkuma from this series one day! Also, those sets of plushies are always so awesome, I always see them on Yahoo and want to get them eeee

  5. Congrats on getting the Bohemian ones (and scoring on a bunch of other awesome plush too)!

    I really like the Sweet and Natural Life one! He looks so soft and hugable!

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