.::News::. Tower Records 2014 & The Cat Series

Hey there!! I have no words for the craziness that July will be bringing soon. A massive amount of releases will be heading our way in just a few weeks and I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Haha well I’m excited for everything either way! The new Tower Records plushies and goods for this year have been announce and they look awesome!

h1_i1 h1_i3The theme this years theme is 1970s roller disco, following a very musical theme like last year’s punk rock band and 2012’s 60s Beatles style. These are ones I now look forward to every year because they never fail to please.  The standard trio will be 1,836円 each and the play set will set you back a heavy 4,298円. Everything will come out July 10th but you can pre-order them here!



Not to mention there will be a “Relax Tour” with Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma making their way around Japan just like the space series. You can check this list to find out when they’ll be near you. And don’t forget the free fan and bags with a 2,000円 in store purchase!

UPDATE: There will be a new RILAKKUMA CAFE OPENING from July 10th~August 17th (they’ll be closed on August 4th though)

img_fa_cafe_01Not only that but a new menu will be available. More info on this in later posts to come! Check out the other goods here. Looks like it will be in Shibuya this time (not 100% sure so check back soon).


In other Rilakkuma news, there was a leak for the upcoming series for October. I was so happy to read about this series on Rilakkuma Lifestyles and All About Rilakkuma. They’re masters of finding out leaks, I’m so horrible at finding them. So I’d like to give a BIG thank you to you guys for the tips 😀


This adorable series is so far dubbed the Cat series. Not much is know about the exact release date They’ll be released October 1st but the standard ones will be 1,680円 each, the smaller ones 1,150円 each and the big ones will be 3,500円 each. I also really like the slippers and they’ll be 2,200円. This series is so cute and reminds me of my kittys and Rilakkuma even has a bell on his color like mine XD This series will steal my heart easily. I’m a cat and dog person so I hope they’ll be making a dog series in the future soon too! Speaking of cats…

IMG_1852 IMG_1876I’m sorry I kept forgetting to show how big Merry (and mostly) Pippin have got but this series is the perfect segue into showing you guys. They’ve grown into their big ears and now just spend lazy relaxing days sleeping and eating just like Rilakkuma. They also are the first kittens I’ve had that have wanted to play so much.Thanks for sticking with me through all this news, I’m going to be getting as many things as I can in July to make up for the lacking months. Thanks for reading!!

~ta ta for now~

13 responses to “.::News::. Tower Records 2014 & The Cat Series

  1. I can’t say I love the tower reccords series but I do love those cat slippers! Also that last pic of your cats – so precious! ❤ Wish I could come to the rilakkuma cafe so much! But sadly I already have some expensive trips booked for obon 😦 please go and take lots of pics so I can live it through you!x

  2. Your cats Merry and Pippin are so cute and adorable!!! Thank you so much for sharing their lovely photos with us!!
    The cat series is found in the San-X October Catalogue.😊 Just saw it today. Everything is just so cute!!!😍

      • Actually the latest Tower Records series did not really appeal to me that much. I thought that last year’s theme was way cooler with the removable hair for Rilakkuma!!!😄 I will save my dough for the cat series!! So many things to love there..😅

  3. July strikes again! I think this year’s Tower Records theme is so cute haha, I never expected they would go in this direction! Dang, in a couple years, it’ll be so cool to see the history of music told through RIlakkuma plushies hahaha.

    YAY at your own kitties!! And so lovely that they can enjoy the cat series when it comes in October too 🙂 I’m sure they’ll make a dog series eventually – I think they’re slowly but surely covering all of the animal kingdom for Rilakkuma haha.

    • That’s true and I think the Dog will be one of the Chinese Zodiacs…wow 2018 is a long time to wait though XD. And yes my cats will love the cat series possibly too much so I’ll need to keep them separated. I wonder if they’ll do a pop theme next year for Rilakkuma x Tower Records. Or very traditional style~

  4. Wow! The tower record plushies look so HIP! Lol! Ooooo the Cat Series is soooo CUTE! I really want one now hahah! They look so fluffy and fun to cuddle with!! 🙂 I hope the Tower Records tour comes to where I am! Where will the cafe be in Shibuya and how would you get there from Shibuya station? Thanks for posting, I love these posts! 🙂

    • I hope they do too, did you check the list? I’m not 100% sure where it is yet I think they need to release more info but I have plans to go opening day or the next and I’ll write up a guide on how to get there from the station.

    • I love Barbie dolls, yeah it could be the 80s too but the 70s was when it was most popular so maybe XD There is too much coming out in July, I’m not sure what to do yet hehe.

  5. Not liking the Tower Records plush, they remind me oldies music videos XD.

    I do LOVE the cats collection though! Omg, Kiiroitori looks so adorable! They all look cuter when they’re standing up than sitting down though 😀

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