::News:: Skytree 2nd Anniversary, Spring Pictures and more.

The Kobe opening has just passed and now it’s time for a new addition to the anniversaries. For this year’s Skytree anniversary set the Kuma’s and Kii are wearing outfits that depict the different skies, day time, sunset and night time. With another appearance by the indifferent snow person! He/She/It might be one of their best friends now.


I have yet to get anniversaries this year but this is a really interesting take on the skies and if budget allows I’ll be trying to add these to my collection. Though I wish Korilakkuma got a poncho as well. These will be 1300 each and released on May 22nd. The pins have taken a turn from big to small and now feature house hold items. The pins will be Sky Tree only but if you’re unable to make it to Skytree the plushies will still be released at all the Rilakkuma stores as well as the coasters (which will start May 3rd.). Sky tree will also be getting a new line of stuff such as towels and clear files.

10256202_647633185311555_5428351821922720767_nA brief glimpse into the Kobe store! This stature is so perfect it really makes me want to take a picture with it he he. Rilakkuma is steering the ship and even the logo is specially for Kobe, I like the idea of Captain Rilakkuma. I’m hoping to see a pirate theme for the anniversary next year!

In other news if you play “Line Play” you’re in luck because they made a Rilakkuma gashapon. Line Play is free (although there are some options to pay real money).

140327_rk_LINEplay_01I’ve been working hard to get my virtual room to look like this but it’s become quite a challenge.  If you play you’ll know that with gashapons you get that same items multiple times and it’s also hard to save up gems. But it’s still exciting to see Rilakkuma, there are also many other characters like Kapibarasan and Hello Kitty.

photo 1

photo 2These wonderful spring time photos were sent in by RilakkumaHolic! It makes me so happy to see everyone in the tree having so much fun~Lovely pictures and thanks for sharing!!





IMG_3869My friends and I went to Chiba-Koen to see the Cherry Blossoms and we both secretly brought Kumas, it was really funny when we both pulled them out. My squirrel Rilakkuma wanted to go on the boats but I was worried he would fall in 😀

UPDATE: Check out Rilakkuma Lifestyle’s photos for spring as well!

I’m sorry for being so behind I’ve got 3 posts queued for my AIK blog (one of them is Tokyo Disneyland for Easter time). I’ve been busy with friends and family but next week I’ll have lots of free time to post. Thanks for reading!!

~ta ta for now~

12 responses to “::News:: Skytree 2nd Anniversary, Spring Pictures and more.

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  2. I really love the Kobe display with the Marine Rilakkumas – so perfect, cute, and fitting! 😀 I’ll make my way over there one day, hopefully.

    Thanks so much for sharing RilakkumaHolic’s spring photoshoot – WOW!! It’s amazing how many plushies are involved hehehe it’s kind of like an I Spy (I see you, Misdo Rilakkuma!). The flowers on the My Only Rilakkuma are such an adorable touch! 🙂 These photos really make me want to do another plushie photoshoot outside, too!

    I might have to start up on that Rilakkuma Line Play app haha, that room looks too cute – is it easy to use?

    • I hope to go to the Kobe one too I bet it’s decorated really nice~ Yes RilakkumaHolic took some great photos he he it looks like so much fun. You’re right it totally is! The flowers kept falling off~You really should I always love your kuma adventures.

      Line Play is easy to use but you might also have to download the Line app I can’t remember…but it’s definitely easy, fun and can be addicting at times (especially with Rilakkuma) .

      • Hi Ms.Ariel! Your post really made my day too, thank you again for posting them it really means a lot to me since I’ve just started in the Rilakkuma world! Your pictures were soo cute, it makes me want to get the My Only Rilakkuma Series, and those flower headresses were a nice touch! I tried to do that with my ko’s and kumas, but it was too windy haha!

    • Hello @RilakkumaLifestyle! Thank you sooo much that you liked my photos, it really made my day because I also love all the pictures of your Rilakkuma on your blog, their too cute, and super lively!! I hope you enjoy your Rilakkuma Spring Photoshoot too!

  3. *_* I’m loving those anniversary plushies! That indifferent snowman is icing on the cake. That virtual room is cute. I think the photo of the squirrel Rilakkuma is so poetic and artistic! I love cherry blossoms. Thanks for sharing, Ariel-chan!

  4. I love the raincoat on Rilakkuma in that Anniversary plushie. There’s so many new releases coming up that I have to save for! Haha, I really like this one and also there’s an astronaut Rilakkuma coming out this July.

    I love the squirrel Rilakkuma costume, and I’ve been considering getting it, but I’d rather start expanding on my collection first.

    Happy Spring!

    • Thank you Happy Spring to you as well. That’s a great way to start and yes I agree it’s better to get the ones coming out so they won’t be so expensive and then when a series isn’t for you then you can save towards an older series. I am so excited for the astronaut series, is it July yet?! XD.

  5. Hi,
    I am trying to find a rilakkuma iphone 4 case for the my sister, because shes been begging for about a year now.
    But when I’m searching on Amazon, I just don’t know which one to get. A lot of them are detachable, which I know are fake.
    I know this is late, but please can you help me?
    This blog is so cute and lovely btw 🙂

  6. Hello there, thanks for such kind words~ Well I’m not sure what case you’re thinking about and Iphone 4 cases are a bit on the rarer side now. But I think I found some you might like and they’re straight from San-X . Tamaya is a official US seller of San-X stuff.


    There are a few in the San-X net shop here

    I hope one of those will work for you >.< let me know if you're looking for something specific~

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