Tokyo Station’s 5th Anniversary!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

I’m back from Tokyo Stations’s Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary release and boy was the crowd extra rambunctious this time. People usually will push past you and squeeze in front, but this time it was a little more intense, I could tell the Kuma fans really wanted their Marunouchi Tourist! It’s funny how fast it goes, one minute you’re waiting for what feels like an eternity then the next you’re on the other size of the store following the roped path out. Once I leave the store on new release day it always feels like its a dream. It’s truly a fun experience and I hope every Rilakkuma fan has the chance to do it someday!!

Today also happened to be Valentines Day so there were more people around Tokyo Station, there were lines of people around a bunch of the shops and they all had cute Valentines Day items that sold out fast!



The anticipation of whats behind those doors, a lot of people were already there but I find it harder to wake up early when its cold out. I don’t mind it but I do like to get good pictures of the plushies before they let people in otherwise I’m left with only action shots.






IMG_3192Action shots, a bit blurry but people were really grabbing the Marunouchi Tourist faster than I could take a picture. I had a quick look at the Tokyo Station Anniversary trio, I weighed how cute they were to how much both sets of the Stripes Stripes Series are going to be and decided to save up for next month. I also considered getting the medium size of the Marunouchi plush but he’s not as cute as the standard size.


IMG_3195The Rose series is still full in swing and it’s so interesting to see the play sets still there. But recently I’ve been wanting to get the medium size My Only Rilakkuma. I can’t help but hold one every time I see them, so fluffy and just the right size.


IMG_3209Rilakkuma and I did take a trip to see the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station. It’s such a beautiful sight!







I really want Rilakkuma’s shirt, it’s a neat idea to have the same outfit as him. The back of his shirt is a nice little detail, he also has his zipper in the back. We both had our cameras and toured Tokyo together. If you spent over 2,000円 yen you would get the free pin. This Rilakkuma just happens to be that amount but it’s never hard to spend 2,000円 in a Rilakkuma Store!

IMG_3326I feel like I should be looking forward to more of these kinds of releases, maybe one from each store!? I hope everyone is having/had a great Valentines Day with Rilakkuma! What do you guys think about the Tokyo Station releases?

~ta ta for now~


10 responses to “Tokyo Station’s 5th Anniversary!

  1. Wow I wasn’t interested in the T-shirt Rilakkuma for this release but he looks so great outside Tokyo Station, and with the Yamanote Rilakkuma – waa cute pair!!! They looks soo good together!
    I will stop by the Umeda store on Sunday and see if they happen to have anything from this release….fingers crossed!x

    • He’s such a cute plushie,I hope you’re able to get him. I know they’ve been releasing the anniversaries at each Rilakkuma Store location so I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding one 😉

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Ariel! What an amazing way to celebrate, by getting your much loved Rilakkuma plush!

    The roses collection is just in time for Valentine’s Day so I would imagine that they’re making Rilakkuma lovers squeal with delight all over Japan. I agree that the Stripes collection is worth saving for! That’s what I’m doing now >_<

    The pin is really adorable, I love it! Cute little sparkly slippers. I didn't realize the design on Rilakkuma's shirt was so intricate but I expect no less from San-x 😀

  3. Wow!! What interesting read and great pics to share with us on Valentine’s Day!! I was hoping that you would do a post on the release of the new plushies today and you did!! Thank you for taking the time and such great photos of everything to share with us every time!! I am always able to feel all the excitement too like I am there with you!! Hahaha!!! My favourite pic?? Rilakkuma outside Tokyo Station!! It is amazing to see what the actual building looks like. What a handsome Rilakkuma you chose!! Great face!!:))

    • Aw thank you very much! I had never been on that side of the station so I was excited to see it once I got the Rilakkuma plush it was the perfect excuse to go and check it out. I’ll keep trying to bring the best photos I can but I always end up with action shots XD

  4. OMGGGGG so adorable!! I definitely loved this design a lot, thanks so much for sharing such amazing photos (I always love your photos of the frenzy haha)!! I’ve actually never been to the Maranouchi side of Tokyo State, but it’s beautiful!!

    Also haha its great to hear the M My Onlys are super cute and fluffy – I’ve always wanted an M or L because I love my S My ONly a ton!!

    • That was my first time going to that side, I always stay inside ha ha it was nice to finally see it. I’m sure your Rilakkuma would look really nice in a picture in front of the station 😉 you should totally go for an M of that series!!!

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