Lawson Wonderland Play Set

The Wonderland play set was ordered back in July and became available to pick up the end of November. I was eager to see what it looked like after such a long wait XD

IMG_1869My first thoughts were that it was much bigger than I thought it would be, it’s not like the Island one but it’s pretty big. I’m glad it’s in my collection, if your still looking for one to add to yours I would suggest looking in the Yahoo Auctions (I’ve seen people selling them now) and not a bad price either.

IMG_1865I love the writing on it, to commemorate the 10th anniversary!

IMG_1864Tag on the bottom.

IMG_1863I think Ko looks shy, I bet she’s happy though since she’s riding such a cute horse.IMG_1862

Kii is one-handing his fun time on his horse.IMG_1869Then Rilakkuma with such a relaxed greeting on his face. Each one moves left and right a little bit but otherwise they all stay in place. Well that’s it for now, I think this one was very well done :D. What do you guys think?


13 responses to “Lawson Wonderland Play Set

  1. It looks great!!! I really can’t believe it took so long to get haha you have incredible patience haha. I wouldn’t have expected it to be big either – I love bigger plushies 😀 😀 😀

  2. I really like the colour of the carousel but I think the quality of it could be improved. I find Rila, Korila and Kii’s faces and body proportions look a little off :/

  3. Cute! I really like the actual carousel it looks soft and well made, but the characters do look like small UFO versions… Sounds like your happy with it though! 🙂 x

  4. OMG, that roundabout is so cuteeee ❤ And I loooove your blog design ! Uber cute bg and where did you get the snow from ? Tehe ❤

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