{Closed} 1st anniversary giveaway!

 photo tumblr_inline_mj0c5q5QzR1qz4rgp_zps767e9cd1.gif~*~Rilakkumadesu Giveaway~*~ photo tumblr_inline_mj0c55SEdB1qz4rgp_zps5c3e0729.gif

 photo tumblr_mcg9ve6oLx1qk1or3_zps4f7787a4.gifBOO

Rilakkumadesu has turned One on the 8th but I wanted to give you guys something from the Lawson raffle so I waited until now to celebrate 🙂 I wish I could give all my readers something, sadly I can’t but I can give one lucky reader a nice prize. The giveaway will last exactly one month, Today until November 16th 10AM Japan time. Please enter before that time! After it’s over I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner!

20131016-143924.jpgThe Prizes Are:

-Rilakkuma Harajuku 1st anniversary Plush  photo o0020002011183682878.gif

-Rilakkuma & Lawson deer series Clear File

-Mini Mystery Clear File

-Deer Series Stickers and Rilakkuma Pencil

-Price J and H from the Lawson Raffle

-2 squishy cell phone charms

-2 sets of Rilakkuma Magnets

The rules and info:

-Must be following me! This is a reward to my followers~

-You can only be entered 2 times max (even if you have 7 blogs and reblog this on all of them it will only count once).
-All countries are welcomed and I’ll pay shipping(not tracking though) but if your country has other charges such as customs you’ll need to pay those! I’m not responsible for lost or damaged goods

-Comment below to enter, only one winner.Please leave a way that I can contact you (blog or email, ect.) If you win you have 2 days to get back to me or I’ll choose another winner
 photo t00200020_0020002011161157644.jpg

-I won’t be commenting on this post to keep it uncluttered.

– You must be comfortable giving me your address. Otherwise how can I send it?!?

How to enter?
Just post a comment below with your name and a way to contact you. Re-blogs will get you a second entry, so please post those in a separate comment than your first (with a link so I can check). Tumblr reblogs are fine too~



Then Second Entry (if any)

Reblog link:

Remember if anything is unclear you can send me a comment anywhere else but this post 😀

Good luck everyone~  photo o0020002011141627018.gif

EDIT: Blogloving is fine and you don’t need to leave your name and email unless you win. When it’s over I’ll just reply to your comment~

46 responses to “{Closed} 1st anniversary giveaway!

  1. Oh!! So exciting!! And on behalf of everyone, would like to thank you Ariel for having this giveaway!! =]] yes please, do enter me for your give away. If I win something that I already have, you may give my prize to someone else who do not have it. It is great news that I had won in the first place!! =]] you do have my email and address. But if you need it again, I will gladly email you again!! Thank you so much Ariel!!

  2. OMG SO IT’S REALLY BEEN A YEAR? ;A; time surely flies fast!
    i’m so going to enter this giveaway ;w; but but, how do i reblog? i’m not a WP user T^T

    thank you for being generous though <3~~ and thanks for make rilakkuma community a better place with your updates!

  3. Thank you Ariel , love your blog because its all about Rilakkuma and your giveaway just awesome >~< Congrats and Happy 1st Anniversary to Rilakkuma Desu

  4. hi ohmygosh that’s the best giveaway i’ve ever seen!!! I would be so excited if I won :DDD
    Congratulations on one year and here’s to many, many more (hopefully filled with the most adorable rilakkumas ever!)

  5. It’s so nice of you to do this. I enjoyed your blog so much and I look forward to more rilakkuma in the future!!!! Thanks!!!!

  6. Congrats on your one year!! I can’t believe it’s already been a year – it feels like SO MANY Rilakkuma things have happened since you started blogging, it’s incredible. Here’s to many more!
    Contact: email if fine 🙂

  7. Happy 1st anniversary… hooray …. Its ur big day~ a milestone. Hope it will continue many years… congratulations~ I wish to have the giveaway… they all so adorable.

  8. Happy 1st anniversary!! Loved reading this blog ever since I found it randomly when searching for rilakkuma! ❤ Thank you so much~~

  9. Hi Ariel! I LOVE reading your blog 🙂 thanks so much for giving your readers an opportunity to read all your cute rilakkuma posts! Love from Singapore!

    Chimene 🙂

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! Cute giveaway. I love the new Rilakkuma deer theme. I managed to get the anniversary mug in this theme from Lawson last month. It’s so cute! If you’re interested, I have put pictures on my blog.

  11. Congrats on turning one! Hope there will be more anniversaries in the upcoming years. Thanks for sharing the wonderful upcoming news about Rilakkuma. The giveaway is soooo cute, would love to win the prize. They looks so cute in the deer outfit!! :3

    Reblogged on my tumblr:

  12. I’m a big fan of Rilakkuma for many years and i just found your blog, this is so extravagant to me. It makes me feel like i have a good friends who has something in common which is “KUMA” and i just wanna say that thank you so much for having this blog this means so much to me to check on that useful article — Say HI to you from Bangkok, Thailand 🙂

  13. I follow you through bloglovin if that is okay (◕㉨◕)
    The blog is really cute, I don’t remember when I found it, but I have a look at it every once in a while, Rilakkuma Love~

  14. Congrats on the 1st anniversary to Rilakkuma Desu!! I do not know it has been a year. Oh! Your blog is so exciting. And those Rilakkuma plushies are super cute! I think I started to fall to Rilakkuma <3<3

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