I hope I’m one out of the Lucky 100 people to get this :D

Okay so I don’t want to waste my winning chances (I’m currently trying to get tickets to see Paul McCartney here in Japan in November but you need to win this raffle just to buy them because too many people here want tickets >.< *doh*) but I would love this plushie in my collection!


A hundred very lucky people will win this plushie! Oh my how cute~ More info here! Chances are so slim!

It’s open to people in Japan by filling out this form:D Also something about a trip to Hawaii which is cool but eh I would rather the Plushie ;) Imagine the cost on Auctions >.<


Have a great pancake filled day and I hope when someone wins they share pics!






14 responses to “I hope I’m one out of the Lucky 100 people to get this :D

  1. omg – i just commented on this :< why did it disappear too! grrr… anyway – I didn't say anything constructive :3

    Just said that I also have bad luck when it comes to draws/lottery! And yes! They are extremely cute! The pancake stack looks so scrumptious!

  2. 5 WORDS: CUTE, CUTE AND SUPER CUTE!!! 😃 Obviously with Rilakkuma’s appetite, 3 pancakes are definitely not sufficient.. We need more pancakes please!!!!!😍

  3. That plushie is really adorable!!! I hope you win that!
    How do you join the lucky draw anyway? So basically you’ll just fill out the form and wait for the announcement or what?
    May the luck be with you!

  4. I saw this in the afternoon and wasted no time putting my name in! Come in hawaii! Or, plushies ^^ did you get the Rilakkuma credit card yet? Haha ^.-

    • Ha ha no that would be dangerous having that I’d want to spend just to see it! If you win take lots if pics I want to see the real plush so much! What if we both won~go team America.

  5. I WANT THIS PLUSH!!!! It’s so cute and Rilakkuma looks so happy with the stack of pancakes.

    Oh man, I wonder how much someone would put it up for sale if they won.

  6. This set is so cute!! I saw this on facebook and thought omg I must have it! Then I saw that only 100 people get it and I put on my sad face lol.

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