Tower Records Series has come early (Kii is Tomorrow)

Hajime was able to pick up Tower Records Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and the play set at 7 Eleven today…not sure why a day early but I don’t mind 😉

Kii-Chan will be tomorrow at Tower Records. We ordered the first day but even a few hours after the site released them Kii was sold out and became store pick up only. And the next day he was sold out!! Lots of Kii lovers here~


IMG_2403*Dies at the cuteness*




The play set was so cool!! They make an awesome band, Kii’s expression makes me laugh I know he wants to be the singer. He has a guitar of himself ^-^

Only the play set has a tag….

IMG_2407Tower records always packages them so nicely but I had to rip them open…


IMG_2412Rilakkuma’s hair is removable but just him not Kii!!

IMG_2414Ko is just too cute for words. Her mic stand is removable also.

IMG_2415Strawberry Guitar!!


IMG_2419The tops of their guitars have kuma ears.





Free gift stickers! Well this was a great series, I can’t wait to see Kii tomorrow!!


21 responses to “Tower Records Series has come early (Kii is Tomorrow)

  1. Wow the playset looks so cool!! But seems like they’re smaller than regular plushes though they still worth every penny 😉 Very amazing haul indeed! You’re on your way to build your rilakkuma kingdom now kkkk

  2. Gorgeous! !! So glad you got yours a day early ^^ we ordered ours at the store and they told us to come tomorrow and pick them up..gah I’m so busy tomorrow I hope I have time!! Thanks for sharing, I really love the detail of their little paws pressing down on the guitar strings *^^*

    • I hope to see yours tomorrow 🙂 oh no too busy, well I think they stay open for a while…I hope. Are you going to Tokyo Station on Saturday if so I’ll be there 😉 yep now I feel like a creeper but it had to be said lol.

      • Oh cool! Ill probably go to Tokyo station or harajuku ^^ are you going early? I don’t even know if its necessary with these ones haha…I have to jet off to work as soon as I pick them up though! ><

  3. I had no idea that Kiiroitori’s guitar was actually himself nor that Rilakkuma’s hair was removable! For some reason, Korilakkuma’s outfit reminds me of Freddie Mercury…

    • I think the play set is still available surprisingly it’s just Kii that’s sold out! He he I like him better with his removable hair now 🙂

      • Wow it is? Hmm maybe I’ll have to consider placing an order then hahaha! Originally I was a bit iffy on buying because I’ve been abroad and the Internet I’ve been using is not so reliable (or secure), but I’ll be back in the US soon so I’ll have to rethink this one again – thanks so much for the photos (they’re so convincing)!!

  4. Dying of the cuteness here… Omg all the details are at amazing as always! I didn’t know that Rila’s hair is removable! That might have affected my decision in getting him… The playset looks soooo good, they look so good as a band hehe ^_^

    Also, loving kori’s bedazzled microphone hehee

  5. WHAT! Why do I keep missing these blog notifications?! OMG! They are soooo cute squeeeeee!!!!! X3

    OMG! Strawberry guitar!!!!!!!! That’s so a-dorable!!!!!!! And Rila’s green hair thing! hahahah hilarious!!!

    Congratz on such an awesome haul! Hope you will be able to grab your Kiiro tomorrow!!!!! Keep us posted!

    How come you have to pick them up at 7 eleven? Does it act like a post depot in Japan?

    • Well it’s free shipping to the nearest 7 eleven and there are 3 stores 5mins from my house. Lawson does the same thing 😀 I guess the convenient stores are a post depo here he he. I will post kii tomorrow 😉

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